Welcome to The Shivaji Co-Operative Multipurpose Society Limited

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How To Work

It can help you meet a wide range of financial requirements, such as:

This is a group Loan of 40 members. It means, it is mandatory for group members to take a loan if they want to becomes a member of the group. First you have to become a member of the society, then you will have total 72 hours to complete your loan application file work(24 hours for apply a loan + 48 hours to bring a guarentor) otherwise you will charge by 5% as file charge from Loan Amount .Repayment Period time 5 year.

If any group member don't need cash amount then they can also apply for credit card.

Special Discount for Society Members –

We Will Open Retail Stores from which Society member’s can purchase things at special discount .

Our side by side Job Consultancy and Local Delivery Service Business is also going on , Job consultancy provides employment to the unemployed people. Job fairs are also organized for students and unemployed.

Delivery Service Business provide Local instant and safe delivery at your door-step. This business is for all categories of people those who need delivery service at their door step.

For farmers there will be a common manure seed store open for 2-3 villages , where only our society members will get special discount on purchasing manure seed.

• Soon we will bring an “Online Platform” in which there will be some exiting offers and special discounts for our society members.