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Our Scheme

It can help you meet a wide range of financial requirements, such as:

This society will provide loans up to 1 lakh and that too on without interest and zero percent interest.In which you have to give only 2 Guarantors, who will be members of the society, and the remaining 37members,society will decides according to their CIBIL score . After becoming a member of the society, you will have total 72 hours to complete your file work (24 hours for apply a loan + 48 hours to bring a guarentor) otherwise you will charge by 5% as file charge from Loan Amount .

You will have a total repayment period of 5 years. It means you can run your installment for a maximum of 5 years. For farmers there is a special repay method through which they can repay their loan amount yearly or twice in year .

The main motive of this society is to help poor and needy people who want financial help.