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How To Apply

It can help you meet a wide range of financial requirements, such as:

This is a group loan which will be made by joining 40 members. In this, you only have to give 2 members and the remaining 37 members, we will decide on the basis of their CIBIL score. These will be those people in 37 members, some of whom will have good CIBIL score and some will have bad. A person will be responsible for only two loans at a time ,The first one is his own and the other one whose Gurantor will become. Society Provides Loan upto 1 Lakh at Zero Percent Interest. Which you will get after one month of Loan application according to rules.

For Loan application you have to give your Identification Proof as Adhar card , Pan card , 4 Passport size Photo , 1000 rs (500rs Membership fees+ 500rs one Share fees)and also your 2 guarantor’s. If you will complete your file work (If you bring your guarentor)within 72 hours then you can apply it for free means without any file charge and if you will not complete your file work within 72 hours then you have to charge by 5% as a penalty from Loan Amount.

Only a member of society can become a Guarantor.
After becoming a Member of the society , you have only 24 hours for Loan application,Otherwise you will charge by 5% as file charge from loan amount.

Who can’t become guarantor –
1. Blood Relation
2. Same adhar address
3. Who has become someone’s guarantor before.

Required Document
• Adhar card
• Pan Card
• 4 Passport size photo